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Tembak Paket Tri

This “Tembak Paket Tri” used to register Packages that are not available on the tri menu display but can be accessed through certain scripts can finally be registered and activated. Its also can be define as another way to buy packages that may not be available because the promo is END.  But this way can be die too. We do not store your number or password so it is safe to… Read More »

Injector Status

Here, u can check status for injector which still work on Indonesian. IF you want to try the injector you can click name of injector on the list. We hope it can help all of u to know and decide what will u use. 🙂 Usually injector use with bitvise and proxifier. So if you doesn’t have bitvise you can download it here. ANd if you want to get proxifier… Read More »